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Red Rock Biofuels was founded in 2011 to tackle the growing need for low-carbon, renewable jet and diesel fuels and the growing problem of catastrophic wildfires. Red Rock Biofuels is uniquely positioned with the right engineering, technologies, management, and commercial partners to deliver sustainable biofuel with attractive financials and a scalable model.


We use waste woody biomass as a feedstock in a proprietary integration of existing gasification, Fischer-Tropsch and hydroprocessing technologies to make the long-commercialized Fischer-Tropsch refining process economic at the biomass scale.


A pioneer in the biofuels space: Red Rock’s Lakeview plant is the only facility deploying Fischer-Tropsch and hydroprocessing technologies at a commercial scale today for waste woody biomass. It will be the first plant in the world capable of using waste woody biomass as feedstock to make renewable jet and diesel fuels.


Slash piles created to clean up forests are burned in the winter, creating CO2. Instead, Red Rock would use this feedstock to create jet fuel.


Red Rock enables forest management activities that improve forest health and resilience.

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