Lakeview Site

Lakeview, Oregon provides the ideal combination of proximity to feedstock, transportation and community support for our first-of-its-kind Red Rock Biofuels project. This southeastern area of Oregon offers an abundant source of waste woody biomass, and excellent transportation access to the major low carbon fuel markets in the United States and Canada. Situated in the radius of the Lakeview site is 8.5 million acres of usable forests – Red Rock only needs access to 25,000 acres a year to meet its capabilities of converting 166,000 tons of waste woody biomass into 15 million gallons per year of biofuel.

“As numerous industries continue to seek new, effective ways to decarbonize their operations, and demand for reliable, eco-friendly and low-carbon fuels accelerates, Red Rock’s work at Lakeview becomes even more critical,”

 Red Rock Biofuels Co-founder and CEO Terry Kulesa

Lakeview Project Summary

Project: Convert approximately 166,000 dry tons of waste woody biomass into 16.1 million gallons/year of low-carbon, renewable jet and diesel fuels.
Site: Lakeview, OR is ideally situated amid abundant feedstock and excellent access to highway and rail infrastructure.
Process Technology: Gasification, Fischer-Tropsch refining, and hydroprocessing. Yields ASTM-approved fuels in use around the world today.
Fuel Offtakes: World-class logistics/marketing partner and airline partners.
Construction: IR1 Group LLC.

“We have been working hand-in-hand with our partners in the local community, our investors and our customers as we build the Lakeview facility, and we are now one step closer to bringing Red Rock's renewable fuels to market,”

 Red Rock Biofuels Co-founder and CFO Jeff Manternach

Groundbreaking Event 2018

*Photos courtesy of Marcus Kauffman

Ariel Video October 2020