Red Rock Biofuel’s technology platform converts waste woody biomass into low-carbon, renewable jet (SAF) and diesel fuels. Our process involves:

  • Gasification & syngas cleanup
  • Fischer-Tropsch refining
  • Hydroprocessing

Companies across industries are seeking ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but there are few solutions particularly for sectors like aviation and heavy transport where technology and engineering limitations make electrification difficult. Biofuels are a vital part of the solution for these sectors, but not all biofuels are created equal as many are limited in their economic viability and commercial scalability.

Red Rock Biofuels is revolutionizing the development of reliable and eco-friendly biofuels that can solve today’s decarbonization challenges and residual risks from wildfires. Through its technology platform, Red Rock Biofuels is able to convert waste woody biomass into low-carbon, renewable jet (SAF) and diesel fuels at commercial scale.

Gasification & Syngas Cleanup

Fischer-Tropsch Refining


See how Red Rock uses these technologies to turn waste woody biomass into renewable jet and diesel fuel.