Red Rock Biofuel’s technology platform converts waste woody biomass into low-carbon, renewable jet (SAF) and diesel fuels.

  • Gasification & syngas cleanup: Waste woody biomass is converted to syngas, then cleaned and conditioned.
  • Fischer-Tropsch refining: Clean syngas is converted into waxes and oils.
  • Hydroprocessing: Waxes and oils are converted into low carbon, renewable jet and diesel fuels.
Efficient Process Designed to Convert Woody Biomass to Renewable Fuels

Feedstock Receiving and Processing

Biomass sourced from a surrounding 125-mile feedstock draw radius

Gasification and Syngas Clean-up

Woody biomass is converted into syngas via gasification
Syngas fed to a syngas clean-up and conditioning system for removal of contaminants

Conversion to Fischer-Tropsch Products

Syngas carbon monoxide (CO) and hydrogen (H2) react with the catalyst to form Fischer-Tropsch waxes and liquids

Hydroprocessing - Upgrading into Fuel Products

Upgrading of the FT Products into the Project’s jet and diesel fuel products through hydrocracking and fractionation

Fuel Distribution

Jet fuel to be shipped to airline customers
Diesel fuel to be shipped to distributors.